Monday, September 01, 2008

Where've We Been?

The summer of Wonker's discontent, explained earlier, has continued apace, leading to a series of lengthy and unintended hiatuses (is that the correct plural??) from HaZzZmat.

To recap: I got sacked by my military contracting employer in mid-July due to the company's declining business portfolio. Superficially, I guess, this makes me an official "victim" of Bushonomics. But, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to use the opportunity to go it alone this time around and seek my own damn fortune, dealing with resources I've been shoring up for the last several years.

Well, surprise. When it rains, it pours. After taking late July-early August off for a holiday with some old high school chums and their spouses, Mrs. Wonk and I returned to Northern Virginia only to have Mrs. W sacked as well, the very day she returned. After 12 years serving the same nonprofit loyally--to the point of helping them outsource portions of their business due to declining revenue--the organization expressed its loyalty by showing her the door immediately, without even the two-weeks' notice Wonk got from his former employer.

To make matters even more enjoyable, Mrs. Wonk got the news, not 5 days later, that her mom was probably not going to survive much longer. And indeed, she didn't, passing away on August 15 even as we sped along trying to get up to Cleveland before that happened.

So, here we are this festive labor day, having lost 3 of 4 parental units (both of Wonk's are now gone) and two fulltime jobs in the space of slightly over a year. How's that for victimhood, eh? Where's our Federal funds?

But, as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to give you periodic updates on our situation to show you how you can get out of a mess without whining and without any help from condescending Democrats.

Even in the midst of this ongoing crisis, we've been continuing to marshall resources to plug the gap, and we're not doing too badly. Like W, Mrs. W, after a few days of being righteously pissed, has also concluded that her 9-5 days are over. As our ideas evolve over the next few weeks, we'll let you know how the Wonker Tag Team will effect its own economic recovery with little or no help from their friends in the Federal government. Stay tuned.

Hint: there are lots of bargains out there if you tune out the MSM gloom and doom pronouncements which are only meant, after all, to defeat the Republican ticket this fall to make room for more Socialism. We'll take a pass.

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