Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin-tology; or, Busting the Media Language Code

Well, that's an obtuse headline to be sure. But not really. One of the reasons Luther and I founded HazZzMat a few seasons back was to expose cultural, social, and political hypocrisy and lies as often supported by the clever manipulation of language. Though we've often gone far afield, this is still, at base, the general purpose of this blog. We're tired of the Democrats' seemingly effortless ability, as America's Socialist Party, to structure the contemporary political and cultural narrative to support their socialist views. And we aim to expose how they do it. Some of the examples we explicate should be fairly obvious, while some are not.

The Sarah Palin brouhaha over the past week or so has been a terrific case in point. The moment John McCain announced the genuinely conservative Alaska governor as his running mate, the media was all over her and her family as well. An intriguing contrast, for sure, with the complete coverup, say, of John Edwards' tawdry affair while he was still in the thick of his presidential candidacy earlier this year. As I've often told people, if you're going to run for any office as a Republican, you're going to have to have the resume of St. Francis of Assisi or you and your family will be plowed into the gutter in short order.

Palin and her faily appear to have emerged from the MSM's initial attempt at a burning, fiery furnace intact. But Socialists are, if anything, adaptable. As Palin emerged as America's new favorite right after her acceptance speech at the Republican convention last week, alarmed Obama-ites were quick on the counterattack with the usual language tricks. We're going to explore a few of these in successive posts, so read upwards as we go through 'em.

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