Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Canada's Politically Incorrect Beaver

HazZzMat's discovered that Canada's second-oldest periodical, "The Beaver"--a history mag founded by the Hudson Bay Company in 1920--has decided to dump its name. Why give up a valuable trademarked and copyrighted title? According to Reuters, it's...
...because its unintended sexual connotation has caused the history journal to become snagged in Internet filters and has turned off potential readers.
In a couple months, it'll evolve into "Canada's History." O tempora, o mores!

When "The Beaver" started publication, the name evoked only Canada's thriving fur industry. Ninety years later, the fur trade has diminished and the magazine's name has become slang for female genitals.
Gee, and I thought it was that sly illusion to an old American sitcom that was bothering them.

We keep telling you here at HazZzMat that language is an issue. Now you know.  

Hat tip to media gossip site Mediabistro for the link.

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