Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts Electoral Map the Morning After

Interesting electoral map showing how Massachusetts' votes were distributed in last night's Scott Brown US Senate landslide. Typically, the cities--as is generally true across the country--go for the Democrats whatever the 'Rats are doing to them. They never learn and do what they are told. You can also spot the die-hard rich lefty enclaves on the Cape, Martha's Vineyard (no pun intended), and Nantucket. Suburban voters generally are more conservative, even in this bluest of blue states. (Click on map to enlarge.) Repubs need to study maps like this a lot more deeply as they attempt to develop winning strategies this fall to unseat the current Socialist majority on the Hill. (Map courtesy of Twitpic via RedState. UPDATE: Original interactive version available here.)

Oh, and those same Republicans might want to take a look at Scott Brown's message--one strong enough to destroy the last vestiges of the Kennedy's phony Camelot myth. Namely, the people are tired of tax and spend. Particularly when they're not making any money. If the tax and spend Republicans had figured this out in 2006, we wouldn't be discussing this now. But they forgot why they were elected. Just like the Democrats have today.

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