Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nostalgic for "Global Warming"?

For upwards of 3 weeks now, life in the physical universe, at least for this writer, has been a serious drag.

First, the DC area (where we reside) gets whacked with by far the biggest and coldest snowstorm we've seen in quite awhile. Since we don't generally need snowblowers here, I spent the better part of the next 3 days digging out our two cars with a good old fashioned snow shovel. So industriously did I hurl snow onto the growing Matterhorn of our front yard that I appear to have strained an elbow ligament and have been in some pain ever since.

Then we traveled to Toledo (home of the Mud Hens) and Cleveland (home of the Tribe), Ohio for the holidays. The snow was less onerous, surprisingly, but the howling winds off Lake Erie made us realize we'd moved away from there many years ago, leaving family and friends behind.

Now we're back in DC and it's cold, cold, cold, and there's more snow coming. And actually, looking at the weather maps, our friends from northwest Canada seem intent on sending down as much frigid cold as possible over at least another week.

One longs at such times for just a small respite, a bit of warmth, hope for the future. And so it was with a couple of commentators over at Breitbart's "Big Government" site. Responding to a piece on a Chinese offer to make money off us as we pursue "global warming" solutions, "meidz" opines:
I've been eagery awaiting the return of global warming for the last four days, so we could get back above the freezing point. Or just think, if these are the temperatures with global warming, think how cold we would be without it?
Hey, I can relate to that feeling. "Cowboy Logic" has another take:
This Global Warming thingey is sure something. I'm freezing my ass of at 20 below zero with three feet of snow. 
Crude but effective, dude. "Right Wing Stuff" picks up one of our topics, namely the terminology switch by the climate nuts, still desperate to remain relevant by employing a tautology:
Get wit da program y'all. Global Warming is now Climate Change - they have to keep the farce alive somehow. So every time it's not 69 degrees somewhere it's an aberration caused by man. 
"KCBoomer" elucidates further:
Has anyone else noticed that the environmental con-artists have changed their slogan from Global Warming to Climate Change. This way when their warming "science" is debunked and the environment actually cools, they can say that it's the cooling that is now mans fault. It doesn't matter if the temps go up or down, they will find ways to take tax dollars and "study" mans involvement in global environmental changes. What they don't seem to realize is that this big world we live on has done it's own thing, environmentally, longer than man has been around. It will continue to warm and cool despite anything we do or "study". It's all a big con game!
An uncommonly enjoyable batch of comment samples, eh? Let's wrap this up with a grand (if slightly colorful) finale from "Gen N Greene":
When Al Gore is heating his mud hut by lighting his own methane expulsions, we'll talk..........until then, to Hades with all the Marxist greenies and their imbecile dupes.

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