Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Salt With Your Foie Gras?

Remember this delicious bit of Politically Correct idiocy back in 2006?
The bird liver delicacy foie gras was banned from restaurants Wednesday in a measure approved by the Chicago City Council after members decided it was inhumane to force-feed the birds.

"Our city is better for taking a stance against the cruelty of foie gras," said Alderman Joe Moore, who sponsored the ordinance.
Mayor Richard Daley opposed the measure.
"We have children getting killed by gang leaders and dope dealers. We have real issues here in this city," said Daley, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on its Web site. "Let's get some priorities."
I'm no particular fan of the Chicago Machine, since and extension of it (aka Obamanation) is now running our country into the ground. But hizzoner was right on both then and now as the Fools on the Hill debate a phony healthcare system that's guaranteed to drive our economy right back into the ground.

Chicago had the good sense to overturn its idiotic foie gras ban in 2008. Meanwhile, however, the PC lunacy persists, this time in New York. In his own attempt to restore the Nanny State to its Prohibition Era glory, Mayor Bloomberg (Idiotarion-NYC) is lashing out against--salt? Apparently, he's concluded that even noxious asbestos fibers don't hold a candle to the dangers of common table salt:
"Salt and asbestos, clearly both are bad for you," Bloomberg continued. "Modern medicine thinks you shouldn't be smoking if you want to live longer. Modern medicine thinks you shouldn't be eating salt, or sodium."

Bloomberg is pushing a plan to cut the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant foods by 25 percent over the next five years. He says the initiative is voluntary.

Voluntary, my tush. What alien dimension does this goofball inhabit?

You can always spot a lefty's first move. Start waging your latest phony moral crusade with something "voluntary." Then gradually make it mandatory by piling on fines, penalties, and jail terms.

It's taken less than a year for the nation to bitterly regret the horrendous mistake it made by listening to the media propagandists uncritically and giving a cadre of condescending nannies, elitists, and intellectualoids (i.e., the Democrats) full control over the Federal government. Having seized this authority, they're now moving as quickly as possible to exert as much control as they can over every aspect of our lives, apparently convinced we're all too stupid to take care of ourselves. Their methods: ban, tax, and punish. The hell with the still faltering economy.

2010, in case you forgot, is an election year. It's time to get to work and throw these arrogant bums out before  China and Russia start looking like beacons of democracy to a fast-decaying and economically destitute US of A.

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