Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charge of the (Ellie) Light Brigade Part Deux

Could David Plouffe Be the Ghost in the "Ellie Light" Machine?

A few entries ago, we discussed the emergence of a letter-writing sockpuppet engaged in a dishonest PR campaign on behalf of the currently hapless Barack Obama. "Ellie Light" (most probably not "her" real name) seems to be a resident of dozens of jurisdictions across the United States from which "she""mails" or emails essentially the same quite literate letter backing the blundering President and his blundering administration to the hilt.

The blogosphere has been on this like a horde of hungry people descending upon a free buffet meal. Updates here, here, and here.

As for me? I have just come up with a theory--it's still just that. I'm simply not quite sure how to delve into it. Follow me on this.

I read yesterday where a fellow named David Plouffe has just been put on the White House payroll to effectively do damage control, given the kind of disastrous week this administration has just endured caused for itself. Does the name sound familiar? It should.

Plouffe was the successful campaign manager for the Obama-Biden ticket in 2008. He was essentially their propagandist-in-chief in that a major part of the Obama campaign was geared toward creating a mythical figure who could win as the perfect superhero antidote to the MSM-demonized George W. Bush. I.e., the guy ran this campaign straight out of the Alinsky playbook and it worked. (Again, please read my previous post on "Ellie Light" linked above.)

If you following the links I provided above, you begin to see that the "Ellie Light" propaganda trail may, in fact, go back to similar phony pro-Obama letter writing astroturfing campaigns that surged nonstop through media outlets throughout the 2008 election cycle.

Fast forward to today's Washington Post op-ed section. What to our wondering eyes does appear? A huge, detailed propaganda manifesto masquerading as an opinion piece by none other than: David Plouffe. Let's see--we hear late last week that this guy is joining the administration as an advisor. His op-ed appears in the Sunday Post, which, like most newspapers, fleshes out its Sunday columns by midweek and puts these pages to bed on Friday night so it's available for stuffing into the Sunday sections.

In other words, it's a virtual certainty that Plouffe and his stooges in the Post editorial room engineered this timely propaganda surge even before Plouffe's appointment was announced. Yet to the uninitiated, Plouffe's puff piece seems like a real scoop, timely and fortuitous. But its timing, combined with a working knowledge of the news cycle, indicates it was written early last week. It was carefully planned for maximum effect not long after the Massachusetts election results were out and perhaps even sooner. This kind of placement is the work of a real professional.

If Plouffe was already doing this kind of advanced planning before anyone in the public realized he was back on Team Obama, I'm wondering if he might actually be the one behind the "Ellie Light" propaganda surge, which is probably a harbinger of even more of this kind of stuff.

I'll rebut the Plouffe propaganda piece itself in a later blog entry. It's pure, left wing propaganda, and I'll explain how it's done. Meanwhile, if anyone has better search resources than I do, I think there's a real scoop out there just waiting to be revealed.


Ben said...

Seems just about every letter to the editor on the Boston Chronicle site has at least one "twin" under a different name elsewhere. You can pluck a phrase from each one and search for it on google... hmm, astroturfy minds think alike.

Ardnazk said...

Either the Baltimore Chronicle is Patient Zero, or knows who Patient Zero is.