Friday, February 19, 2010

Amy Bishop: Clinging to Guns Out of Bitterness over Lost Jobs

"Apparently an Obama fan, living in a small town, who was bitter and angry at losing her job, who felt the proper folks weren't paying attention to all her wonderful work, took the words of her idol to heart and skillfully -- and tragically -- once gain using a gun, shot and killed three colleagues at the University of Alabama..."Amy Bishop a 'Bitter Clinger' to Obama, Ethel C. Fenig, American Thinker, 2/17/2010

Ethel Fenig probably won't chair the upcoming Presidential Commission on Fairness.

Amy Bishop the new poster girl for NYC Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun crusade? Tough one. As evidenced by Fenig's remarkable discovery of Shepherds and Black Sheep's long, documented blog entry about Ms. Bishop's academic pursuits, the Alabama faculty shooter would be a good fit with some of the wackier groups, liars, bandits, and thugs involved with Climategate. That makes her one of the good guys in RINO Bloomberg's own environmental fervor. She's also a woman, a feminist, who could probably say it was a bunch of male "peers" who turned down some of her more interesting research projects and, ultimately, tenure.

Do we see a new idol for the martyrdom-in-academia set?

Stay tuned, Batperson.

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