Friday, February 19, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I'm sorry to tell you that Lindsey Vonn has been stripped of her Olympic gold medal because it has been revealed that President Obama is going downhill a lot faster than Lindsey did yesterday." Mitt Romney, 2/18/10

What fun Wonker has been having! The Copenhagen bust, the Scott Brown election, the "health care" fiasco, the ongoing CRU/NASA Climategate blowout, not to mention 40 inches of snow in Washington, DC, almost as big a snow job as the President's State of the Union address. What screenwriter could come up with stuff like this?

But, fast as he may be going downhill, El Presidente Grande just keeps charging. Next week's "Bipartisan" discussion of "health care" (Chicago style) is turning into a "Democrat + 1 Retired RINO Conference". On the latter participant, for those who don't have long memories, ex-Senator Simpson was regarded by many in Wyoming as the stupidest man to ever hold elective office. But they could be prejudiced; Wyoming citizens only live in the state. The federales, who own almost 90% of the land in Wyoming (and refuse to allow shale oil development for fear of spoiling their private views), obviously have a more objective case in selecting this retired clown to chair the "Bipartisan" commission.

Note: "Commission" is a familiar word to gangland afficionados. It's not necessarily a bunch of smart guys sitting around calmly discussing a rational approach to looting the average American's bank account.

And speaking of commissions, what a thrill about the fiscal responsibility commission! Let me guess. The White House and Democrats will have a majority of members of this commission. You know their main interest is in getting funding, not cutting costs. What might they suggest? Value-added tax (VAT)? This increases the price of European products by 25-100%. The "rich" in the US aren't wealthy enough to pick up the tab that Democrats won't reduce. The real question: why would any self-respecting Republican or Democrat participate in this farce? If it's used as a "mandate" to force Congress to go along, it's an unconstitutional usurpation of Congressional authority. (This may be why the White House has so carefully skirted giving the President personal authority in the commission).

The debt clock is ticking. The President's team is racing faster and faster downhill. At the end of the run, if they don't get off the slope, is the abyss of national bankruptcy. Stop them.

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