Thursday, February 11, 2010

...And Speaking of the Goracle: The Universal Theory of Everything

In Which We Beat "Global Warming" to Death Yet Again

An amusing, moderately clueless story just appeared in the online version of "The American Interest." It praises a half-assed AP assessment of ClimateGate as a "breakthrough" for the MSM, apparently unaware that the AP reporter who wrote it, Seth Borenstein, has been a shameless "global warming" apologist for God knows how long. Although we love to harp on it, ClimateGate is, in fact, really old news at this point, having come to a head last fall. So Borenstein,, should actually be skewered for coming so late to the party and doing it so grudgingly.

Walter Russell Mead, author of the "American Interest" piece and usually a perspicacious fellow, sort of falls down on this one by treating Borenstein a bit too graciously whilst underestimating the intelligence of the average American as in the following opener:
It had to happen and today the Associated Press has given the American public at large its first good look at a story that has been old news for weeks in countries where the media is more alert.
First good look??? Hell, Walter, I've had a "good look" at this story for many months already via the ever-alert and amazingly accurate blogosphere, not to mention the British press online. Where were you? Anyone relying on the MSM for timely and accurate reporting these days has got his or her head lodged in a place where the sun never shines. In what circles do you travel, dude?

At least Walt pops a good question for the Nobel Prize winning Al Gore who's apparently been in hiding pretty much since the Copenhagen blizzard debacle.
Al Gore, so far as I can tell, is meanwhile remaining silent; I guess when truth is really, really inconvenient it’s better that way.
Indeed. Nonetheless and notwithstanding, both Mead and Gore are soundly battered by quite a few commentators whose piquant views are worthier of note than the piece itself. Here are a few of those comments, a couple of which duly note our current massive twin blizzards here in DC:
Hard to believe that Seth Borenstein is providing decent coverage on an environmental story. Maybe the IPCC skimped on his Christmas tip.
MR Mead writes: “Even Borenstein’s story doesn’t quite get the full measure of the problems: while the number of ‘proven’ errors in the IPCC report remains small, their impact is disproportionately large because the predictions were so high profile…” Not the full ‘measure’ of a scandal on the global warming front from Borenstein? If Mead knew about the Society of Environmental Journalism’s conspiracy against truth in science, he would not be so surprised or even dismayed. Borenstein is reknown as one of its High Priests – a dissimulator par excellence....Thus, we arrive at the real reason for the prolonged and egregious journalistic malpractice, amounting to a conspiracy of silence among the US media: money. The US federal government funds 95% of the worlds global warming science research. Vested interests do not kill the geese that lay their Golden Eggs.
A belief based on saving the planet requiring reallotment and restructuring of assets and industry worldwide becomes a religion/ideology when evidence and facts disproving doom and gloom scenarios is so resisted, denied and demonized. Good news becoming bad news requires a serious reality check.
I was going to joke about an Amber alert for Al Gore — he’s been rather silent of late — but Google informed me that the Rodeo Clown beat me to it. From the video at the link it appears that NBC News is touting the east coast blizzards as yet another symptom of global warming too. Is there anything it’s not responsible for? 
As it happens, no-one over 3 – 5+ years, neither phony IPCC researchers nor sophisticated skeptics like McIntyre, Moncton, Pielke, apparently ever scrutinized ridiculously alarmist UN reports in scholarly detail. Now of a sudden we find footnotes and references to sources appropriate to Captain Planet comic books, “peer reviewed” by Clown College Warmists who can’t even proofread idiotic data transpositions. No wonder peculating proselytizers like Gore, Pachauri, Climate Cultists’ Green Gang of Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann, Trenberth et al. got so much mileage under cover of their prima facie fraud. What’s next, “ocean acidification” that threatens mass extinctions due to heavy breathing? The asininity, feckless stupidity, of these death-eating Luddite sociopaths would be beyond belief if (for example) 75% of Britain’s unworthy heirs did not mindlessly subscribe to just such drivel.
This story is much deeper and much more troubling than you yet realize. To call it the biggest fraud in the history of science is no hyperbole. You still don’t understand what is going on, and you still seem unwilling to go where your own research is leading you.
You are far to generous with the MSM. They intentially withheld information from the American people because it did not jive with the Democratic Party agenda.
Currently here in the nation’s cesspool — sorry, Capital — it’s wind chill 2 degrees and snow up to my arse. Just as all politics are ultimately local, so is the whole global warming charade. Just another Convenient Lie from the EverHating Left. When I wake up tomorrow morning with ubersore arms and an aching back, I will renew my resolution to fight these wackos ’til the end.
And the final word:
If there’s a heat wave, it’s due to climate change. If there’s a blizzard, it’s climate change. Flood? Climate change. Sunny, seasonable weather? Climate change. Climate Change is the Universal Theory of Everything. And the only answer for it is a “wrenching transformation” (Gore’s exact words) in our standard of living in the developed world. Jeebus, you people are slow.

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