Sunday, May 09, 2010

Communist Ron Gochez Violates Smith Act

Time to crack down on sedition in US?

As if the US doesn't have enough problems with terrorism these days. Courtesy of a Facebook page entitled "Stand with Arizona," here's taxpayer supported public school teacher and Hugo Chavez-lover Ron Gochez preaching a literal Communist, racist revolution on the campus of, where else, the Communist-run indoctrination center also known as UCLA. This is sedition, no more or less, specifically prohibited by the Smith Act, which, interestingly enough, hasn't been enforced since 1961. Take a look at this disgusting spectacle. Save for the use of the English language, you might think you were in Caracas. Also note the textbook Marxist-Leninist language Gochez employs in his classic Commie diatribe.

As if we don't have enough trouble with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, now we get clowns like this, nurtured at the breast of the "capitalist, imperialist" system he denounces. Does the Obama Administration have enough guts to prosecute this clown under the Smith Act? Does the local or state public school system in California have the guts to terminate this America hater? Don't hold your breath. As evidenced by the continuing threat to law enforcement officers in Arizona and elsewhere, the "revolutionary" violence in the border states has only just begun.

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