Friday, May 21, 2010

Tardy Draw Mohammed Entry

My drawing skills are pathetic, not to mention derivative (see if you can recognize part of this PhotoShop pastiche). But here's my overdue promised offering for "Draw Mohammed Day:"

All resemblances to persons living and dead are purely coincidental. Draw conclusions as you will.

As those who've followed this brouhaha are aware, the artist who originally came up with this idea in defense of the "South Park" cartoonists immediately copped out when she realized there might be consequences for her not-so-bold bold idea. She disavowed the May 20 event she herself had created, once again proving that a probably lefty "supporter" of free speech wasn't brave enough, in the end, to back up her own ringing endorsement of it.

Likewise, Reason online, which picked up the challenge and sponsored a "contest" for the best Mohammed drawings, also copped out, blathering on about the whole thing yesterday with a windy essay and posting 3 asinine entries, none of which showed the least bit of guts since no one really drew Mohammed.

Look people, if you're going to stand up and take credit for something, at least have the guts to follow through. What are we, a generation of wimps? If you don't knock the neighborhood bully down, he's going to whip your ass every day. Didn't any of you learn that in grade school? Why is anything different now?

BTW, for those of you who hunger for actual images, Hot Air refers us to this site. Enjoy.)

The whole point of this exercise, for me, is that nobody tells me what to do in my own neighborhood. 
The day we start allowing international fascists to order us around is the day we lose the freedom we claim to cherish. These people have no respect for us and never did. So now, I'm returning the favor.

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