Sunday, May 30, 2010

Opera Goes to the Movies

In my official capacity as the Washington Times' online music and theater critic, I recently caught an interesting, live production of Wagner's Das Rheingold, as staged in Milan's fabled La Scala opera house. Right down the street, too, in Herndon Virginia's Worldgate 9 movie theater complex. (Herndon is a suburb of Washington, DC.) It's all part of an effort to bring opera from legendary European opera houses right to our own backyards.

Attendance was a bit sparse. They could use more PR. And live opera at the movies is not a totally new concept, having been pioneered by the Met several years ago. But, given the total lack of cultural education in public schools these days, events like this can only be viewed as a blessing in a country that is beginning to lose a clear vision of itself and its rich and interesting heritage.

Check out my article here. And click here to find a theater near you that's participating in this series of live broadcasts.

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