Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama Competent? Peggy Noonan Lays an Egg

Headline of Peggy Noonan's latest op-ed for the Wall Street Journal (via WSJ Online), re: the election of Barack Obama:
"He was supposed to be competent."
Peggy wonders aloud what's going on with the Obama presidency. After all, she and all her friends in NYC voted for him and made history, right? So how could they be so wrong? How could they know that this guy HAD NO CLUE? Wide-eyed with wonder, Peggy now wonders aloud, WHO KNEW?

Well, hey, kid, I DID, for one, and said so here many times. While the MSM clowns commenced dumpster-diving on Sarah Palin 24/7 and denouncing her as "inexperienced," they did their very best to avoid doing the same to Barack Obama WHO REALLY WAS INEXPERIENCED. And, note to NYC Idiotarians: Obama wasn't running for VEEP.

Now, from Wall Street bankers to New York socialites, to columnists who purport to being Republican-oriented, the reaction to the serial disaster that is Barack Obama's presidency is essentially, "Don't blame me. I didn't know."

This is the biggest, most self-serving crock of s... I've ever heard. It's tantamount to Louie's great line in Casablanca when he "discovers" that gambling is going on at Rick's: "I'm shocked. SHOCKED!"

It also reminds me of that famous Pauline Kael quote (which her loyal supporters claim she never said), upon the landslide re-election of Richard Nixon over the left-wing George McGovern. How could Nixon's triumph have happened, Kael allegedly mused. "No one I knew voted him."

And it's not just moi. Check out Little Miss Attila's observations on Noonan's astuteness:
...she, Ann Althouse, and Megan McArdle will have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. Those three women have all been an intellectual blessing to public discourse in this country, but they all succombed to the same cult of personality two years ago, and we still do not know what the final price tag on that cult of personality is going to be.
Miss A's commentators are even more straightforward and pungent. Says one:

The bottom line to Barack Obama’s unfortunate victory is the complete abdication of the media from their duty to investigate and inform the public. They failed in their First Amendment mission and Noonan et al. were part of that failure. The lurid coverage afforded the pregnancy of Bristol Palin proves and underscores this point.
Says another:
Never have so many projected so much onto so little. Not only is Barrack Obama not competent, there was no evidence which would have suggested that he was.
Says a third, the optimist in the group:
There’s a potential silver lining here: The Obamunist experience might have inoculated the nation against left-liberal ideology and Obama’s sort of politicking. If so, it could be fifty years before another social-fascist / redistributionist demagogue rises to trouble America. That would be long enough to get me safely and cozily into the ground, which, at this point, is all I ask.
Here's the deal. Peggy and her pals happily took leave of their reason in order to elect the Chicago leftist cipher known as Barack Obama as president of the United States so they could bask in glory of making history. In so doing, they elected an aloof, cold, phony intellectual, trained as a Marxist organizer whose splinter organization as yet remains unidentified. Politically tone deaf, lacking in essential empathy and humanity, and dedicated to working out far-left theories without any regard to the damage they are causing, his presidency is fast closing in on Jimmy Carter's as the most disastrous in modern times.

The clues were always there. Remember how long it took Obama the Patriot to finally stick an American flag pin in his lapel? Why avoid adopting such a trivial, yet important for so long? That was actually a big tell, but the media pretty much ignored it. How about Obama's comment that he never knew about his minister's racist rantings? After attending services at the rev's church for over 20 years? Give me a break.

The list goes on. The lies, the superciliousness, the arrogance, the deep and abiding relationships with Weatherpersons Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn--Amerikkka's original homegrown terrorists--the dishonesty, the utter lack of a knowledge of American history. They were all there in plain sight. But they were never reported, only occasionally mentioned, and always quickly forgotten as they were never a part of the Received Narrative.

For Obama was The One. If you really think about it, he didn't really win the presidency in 2008. He won the biggest-ever competition for American Idol.

Peggy and her pals "thought he was competent." On what evidence?

We need to stop labeling these morons "intellectuals." Like Obama, they are anything but. They have the veneer of intellectuals. But, as Gertrude Stein once said of an obscure town in Iowa: "There's no 'there,' there."

November's on the way. Time to reboot. Deploying both hemispheres this time.

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