Monday, May 31, 2010

Outcome in 2012? Here's a Clue.

Back in 1992, I happened to be in Mackinaw City, Michigan, right after the annual Labor Day Big Mac Bridge Walk. George Bush Sr., then our president, joined the throng of walkers, searching for votes in the Upper Peninsula which, Bart Stupak aside, had generally been conservative at that point.

Going through the sale merchandise the day after the walk, I notes dozens, perhaps hundreds of T-shirts hanging on the racks, proudly emblazoned with phrases like the following: "1992. I Took the Big Mac Bridge Walk with President Bush." "Oh, oh." I said to myself. "Why didn't these sell?" Negatives had been building for the Bush campaign for months. But this telling piece of anecdotal evidence was the last straw. This was Bush territory. But Bush T-shirts were not selling. It was then I knew that George Bush, the incumbent, would lose.

Fast forward to 2010. It's a little early yet, but here's an interesting story from Tigerhawk:
Earlier this evening, I was walking through a parking lot at the local Whole Foods Market, where I was shocked to see a Toyota Prius displaying the following bumper sticker:

Tiger observes:
If you've lost the Whole Foods-shopping Prius-driving voter, you've lost liberal America, and you're in trouble with your base.

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