Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Austan Goolsbee. Who is this idiot?

From CNN online:
Americans can help the recovery along by saving more than in the past, but also by spending responsibly in proportion to income, one of President Obama's top economic advisers said Tuesday.

In a wide-ranging interview based on questions from CNNMoney.com readers, Council of Economic Advisers chairman Austan Goolsbee said the nation can't simply spend its way out of this economic downturn, adding "we need a different style of recovery."
How do these people get jobs in Washington? Americans can "help the recovery" by "spending responsibly in proportion to income"? Are you kidding me? Two questions:
  1. What recovery?
  2. Should we spend in proportion to our income the way the Federal government does under this administration?
Herein, we observe the primary problem with both this administration and the current Congress: neither has a clue as to how things work or as to how a BUDGET works for the average American. Why bother with a budget when you can just steal money from the taxpayers and then claim it as an "accomplishment" for your constituents? In fact, that's probably why the current Congress didn't bother to pass an FY 2011 budget before adjourning. They wouldn't have adhered a budget anyway, so there wasn't really a need to have one.

The problem is that most current legislators and administration figures are either failed lawyers or lousy academics, most of whom have neither held a real job nor run a real company. I am wondering here if Goolsbee actually comprehends the unintentional irony in his ridiculous statements. Well, wait a minute. No, I'm not wondering. Here are three of the concluding grafs of the CNN piece with my comments interspersed as bullet items:
[Goolsbee] disagreed that the president focused so much on health care reform in late 2009 instead of on policies that would have spurred more job growth.
  • What a whopper!
"The president has been absolutely non-stop focused on creating jobs," Goolsbee said. "But that doesn't mean that should be to the exclusion of everything else."
  • The first sentence is a lie. The second sentence is an absolute falsehood. 
"I disagree with the premise that (the president) prioritized health care above jobs," Goolsbee said.
  • You can disagree all you want, Austan. But that's precisely what your Fearless leader did. It's not a "premise." It's a verifiable fact.
Goolsbee and his pals are the Marxists people who are currently running the country into the ground. Remember this on the first Tuesday of November. And once again in November 2012.

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James Williams said...

This A**HOLE Goolsbee is an anarchist in my opinion. Every time I see him on the news he is saying President Trump is a dictator or something worse. If he loves illegal aliens so much, he ought to move to their countries.