Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barack Obama: Narcissist-in-Chief

This just in from Bluegrass Pundit. In a video taken at an Obama-Democrat rally in Maryland (where else but the bluest of the Blue states?), Barack Obama gives his remaining enthusiasts the real reason why they need to go to the polls and vote for the Evil Party this November. The money quote appears in a longer piece in Democrat house organ, Politico:
BOWIE, Md. - President Barack Obama’s message to thousands of African Americans who came to see the man they voted for two years ago was simple: Get out and vote for the Democratic ticket in next month’s mid-term elections, even though he’s not on the ballot.
“Don’t make me look bad, now,” he quipped.
Apparently, it's still all about him. Let's all do the POTUS a favor this fall. Let's show him the predictable results of narcissism and hubris. The ancient Greeks taught these lessons over two millennia ago. But apparently America's scholar-and-narcissist-in-chief never encountered them in college.

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