Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tracking the Continuing Great Recession

In spite of economists' proclamations that the Great Recession concluded last June, it's increasingly obvious that these dinosaurs are academics whose theoretical metrics have little if any connection to reality.

For a huge number of unemployed and/or underemployed Americans, including yours truly, the Great Recession is still on and not getting any better, courtesy of the current administration which is deep on Marxist ideals and a little short of how business and evil capitalism actually work. (Hint: they don't work at all when you call businessmen names 24/7 while creating monstrous unpaid-for programs and terminal uncertainty that undermines the confidence to invest.)

We found a nifty, interactive chart that shows you just where the major trouble spots are today in terms of economic recovery, or lack thereof. Stories, links, and the chart itself are all available here. Check it out.

In the meantime, try to ignore the increasing number of MSM stories being put out via Son of Journolist, meant to chart a nonexistent political resurgence by the Democrats. It's a voter-suppression attempt (aimed at Republicans). Nothing less, as in this feeble attempt by WaPostie lefty Chris Cilliza, who operates at Ground Zero for the "former" Journolistas. He sneeringly minimizes current polling results, confidently implying that Pelosi's majority will be diminished but still intact after the first Tuesday in November.

Nice try, Chris, but we know how you guys operate now. By all lights, people are furious at the Democrats for completely ignoring them. And an awful lot of those who did do the ignoring are going to pay for it very shortly at the polls. All the fact twisting in the world is not going to get around this reality. If not coming to an exact end this fall, our current lefty reign of terror is about to start getting curtailed.

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