Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ongoing fallout from a stupid presidency; or, Dave Fry for President

By now, nearly every sentient being in this country knows the world's a mess. Making matters worse, remember that the MSM persuaded us to put a literal moron in the White House in 2008: Barack Obama, our Community Organizer-in-Chief. We're paying an extraordinarily heavy, continuing price for that epic folly.

Making matters still worse, since the Republicans couldn't move the Senate to the right in 2010, the feckless Socialists Democrats are still running the show during Barack Obama's continuing virtual and actual absences from Washington, preferring, by their very inaction, to force the Fed to defensively print money while they continue to spend us into fiscal Armageddon. Why pay for bribes to your constituents when you can simply debase the currency to accomplish the same thing? I think I'm beginning to understand how patriotic Americans must have felt circa 1859-60 as the country slid rapidly into a special hell, courtesy of near-bovine President James Buchanan's stellar ineptitude coupled with an utterly deadlocked and dysfunctional Congress.

Dave Fry, who writes "Dave's Daily"--a technical charting column appearing almost every day on Jim Cramer's financial website, TheStreet--catches us up on the still-evolving nuclear disaster in Japan in his closing remarks, wrapping festivities with the following observations:
The United States has proven its diplomatic and strategic ineptitude along with other Western allies regarding all things MENA [Middle East and North Africa]. We have taken defeat from the jaws of victory and taken Gaddafi from just another tyrant back into an active terrorist.

The Saudis have invaded Bahrain infuriating the Iranians. We knew nothing of this until after the event so poor is our intelligence. All this is why we need a courageous leader to put forth a coherent and effective national energy policy. All we've done is block providers and created a worthless Department of Energy stuffed with bureaucrats and oozing patronage. It's a disgrace!
Game, set, and match. For once, I have absolutely nothing to add. This says it all. Maybe Dave should throw his hat in the ring in 2012.

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