Thursday, March 03, 2011

Why I Left Ohio

"Why, oh why, oh why-oh,
Did I ever leave Ohio?"
     --Leonard Bernstein, "Wonderful Town"

This tasty bit of union thuggery via Stacy McCain's The Other McCain:
Ohio’s state Senate yesterday passed S.B. 5, which would limit the power of government employee unions. Among those voting for the measure was state Sen. Frank LaRose, a 31-year-old freshman Republican from Akron. After the passage of S.B. 5, LaRose’s Facebook page filled up with comments, including one from Michael Sarge Piotrowski who — as Melissa Clouthier explains at Red State — is a lawyer representing the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.

“Funny thing about cops, they hold grudges,” Piotroski wrote on LaRose’s page.
Gee, sounds like a threat to me. But then again, it's probably not since, as we all know, only Sarah Palin and the "teabaggers" threaten anyone with violence. Never those peaceful Democrats. McCain's site posts a screenshot of the Facebook page just in case it gets mysteriously removed.

BTW, note the other good news above, namely that the Ohio Senate has already passed its public employee union limiting bill. The Ohio House is next, then on to Gov. John Kasich for the ol' John Henry.

Wisconsin Democrats-in-hiding take note: the clock is ticking.

BTW 2. The whole sad story playing out in the old Rust Belt is a major reason why I left my original home in Ohio decades ago. No opportunities. None. Businesses have left these states, particularly Ohio and Michigan, in droves. The reason? Unless you play paddycake with public and private union thugs, you simply can't get anything done. By the time everyone's palm gets greased, the money's all gone and improvements never happen. It's as if the Mafia itself has taken over these states. You can't prevail against it. So if you want a life, you leave.

These states have become a national laughingstock, but I'm not laughing. There are good, honest, down-to-earth people living in these states, the greatest and most loyal friends and neighbors in the world. Many vote against their own self-interests by pulling the Democrat lever every four years because it's the only thing they've ever known and there's no one else around to counter the propaganda. But this year, it looks like many of these good people have started to wake up. If Rust Belt state governments can de-unionize to a great degree, they could be very quickly on the way to becoming the leaders of America's 21st century.

(We'll except Illinois, however, still firmly in the grip of the Stalinist state and local government combine that elevated one of its own to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Run, interestingly, by my old Georgetown dorm-mate and now Governor Pat Quinn, this is a state that's rapidly closing in on California and New York for the "let's be the first to default on our debts" sweepstakes.)

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