Thursday, March 03, 2011

Texas Farmers Under Terrorist Attack

This from a Fox News report headed "America's Third War":
In Texas, nearly 8,200 farms and ranches back up to the Mexican border.

The men and women who live and work on those properties say they’re under attack from the same drug cartels blamed for thousands of murders in Mexico.

“It’s a war, make no mistake about it,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. “And it’s happening on American soil.”
Need details? Try these:
“Farmers and ranchers are being run off their own property by armed terrorists showing up and telling them they have to leave their land,” Staples said...

... Joe Aguilar, said enough is enough. After walking up on armed gunmen sneaking undocumented immigrants into the United States through his land, Aguilar decided to sell his farm.“It’s really sad to say, you either have to beat ‘em or join ‘em and I decided not to do either,” Aguilar said.
This is another example of some very serious business that isn't being covered at all by the MSM, largely because it doesn't track with "the narrative." It's also largely being ignored by the Obama administration because they figure the land in question should go back to Mexico anyway. You think I'm kidding? Well action--in this case inaction--speaks louder than words.

Doesn't every President take an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the union" of the United States of America? How is this President fulfilling his oath with regard to, say, Arizona and Texas. Rhetorical question, of course. (BTW, except for the now-aborted fence, the Bushies were not a ton better on this.) What the hell is wrong here? Do Texas and Arizona need to deputize vigilante groups to get things done? Or is this administration happy with the drug cartels moving their operations over to this side of the Rio Grande?

HazZzMat has been thumping on this issue--the slow descent of Mexico into failed-nation status and its dire consequences for the U.S. Here's just another example of the issue. Do we have to wait for another 9/11-style calamity in America's southwest region before the Federal government--and this president--wake up and do their jobs? Or is this yet another fine example of how the soft tyranny of incremental Marxism in this country is rotting us from within?

BTW, Fox provides a link to the Texas Border Protection site but it doesn't seem to work. For a more generalized link on the issue, try

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