Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Tribute to Obamanation

We've been on travel up in Cleveland, and are now returning to blogging back in DC. And what to our wondering eyes just appeared in a recent, scurrilous email? A brand new tribute to President Obama:

Click (or double-click) to enlarge.

Hey, look, it's funny, right? A lot funnier than Bill Maher's by now virally-legendary, way-over-the-top smear of Sarah Palin. Rich lefties and faux-socialists like Maher love to redefine terms. This latest excursion by Maher into the left's spreading tar-pit of exceptionally vile anti-female-Republican misogyny definitively and graphically proves the utter bankruptcy of ideas, ideals, and moral standards on that side of the political aisle. Disgusting.

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