Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kucinich to Be Inducted into the Moonbat Hall of Fame

Well, this hasn't happened yet, because Hillary won't earmark it unless it's located on the Woodstock site. But Dennis definitely wins our November Glass Navel of the Month Award for outstanding Idiotarian behavior.

HazZzMat has already dealt at length on the severely moonbat proclivities of Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Moonbat-OH). Dennis the Menace as he's affectionately known, was responsible many moons ago for accelerating the still-continuing decline of Cleveland, Ohio, Wonker's hometown, back in the 1970s when he briefly and disastrously served as mayor of that Colossal Wreck. Once representing a slice of West Side Cleveland voters, his gerrymandered 10th Congressional District has now encroached on a swath of surrounding territories which seem to pretty much include all of Western Cuyahoga County, the county primarily occupied by Cleveland.

Denny is apparently prepared to let all his constituents go to hell as he continues in his neverending Quixotic quest for the Presidency he will never win. (Or perhaps his objective is simply to break the record of futility owned by the late Republican Harold Stassen who ran failed presidential campaigns throughout most of Wonker's early life.)

Digging hard for yet another 15 minutes of fame instead of doing his job, Dennis recently junketed to Syria to commit treason, denouncing the Bushies wherever he traveled for everything, from "global warming" to a pandemic of hangnails. While sucking up to tinhorn dictators, he continued to ignore his hapless constituents, whose unemployment and mortgage foreclosure rates (not to mention their property taxes) are among the highest in the nation with no sign of abatement or relief.

You'd think that residents of Lakewood and the rest of Kucinich's Cuyahoga County constituency would urge their Congressional Knight of the Burning Pestle to ride to their rescue and try to do something to help, right? Well, maybe they have, but Dennis Kucinich now prefers to ride his Rocinante (to mix our metaphor) on another quest: this time, to impeach Vice president Cheney for the high crime and misdemeanor, apparently, of serving as a good soldier in the Bush Administration.

Unfortunately, so wrapped up is Denny in his latest idiotic quest that he jumped the shark this week, made a fool of himself, and torqued off the House Democrat leadership to boot. (That's a great way to help your constituents.) Don Surber tells the whole story, leading off with a wonderful, descriptive quote from successfully impeached Judge (and now Congressman, of course) Alcee Hastings:

‘Dennis Kucinich is on a quest of his own. He sees flying saucers and he acts like one, too’

After that swell hed, Surber dives into the pea-soup fogged world of the man who has finally topped Congressperson Maxine Waters (Marxist-CA) as the most delusionary Congressman alive:
Suffice it to say, Democratic leaders are pissed at Dennis for bringing up impeachment

I love it. Fox News is reporting that the Democratic leaders in Congress are seething over Dennis Kucinich for dragging impeachment onto the political stage.

Kucinich is an embarrassment to the party. He’s like the Crazy Aunt who spills all the family secrets.

They want him to go back into the attic.

Republicans are handing him a megaphone. Spill, Auntie Dennis, spill.

Are you loving this? That last sentence by Surber alludes to the fun the Republicans have been having at the House leadership's expense due to Kucinich's unadulterated lunacy. Already under siege for having declared General Petraeus' Iraq surge strategery a failure while it was succeeding, the few remaining adult members of the Democrat's House leadership cadre was in no mood to let their Chief Moonbat make them a laughingstock again. But the Repubs were only to happy to encourage Dennis' attempts to bring his delusions to the House floor. But let Don tell it:

Steny Hoyer, who as the House’s No. 2 Democrat has taken over for the incompetent House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi, tried to kill the Kucinich impeachment resolution.

Republicans were all set to help him until it occurred to them, screw Hoyer. What has he done for Republicans?

Being portrayed as pulling the wings off children over SCHIP chafed Republicans. So they decided to give Kucinich enough rope to hang all the Democrats.

86 Democrats were serious in voting for the resolution. 165 Republicans voted for the resolution just to send a message to Democratic leaders. Shelley Moore Capito was among the Republicans voting for the resolution.

Technically the motion was to table, so the 162 votes for tabling were against the resolution, while the 251 no votes were technically for the impeachment resolution.

Besides Kucinich and the rest of the Tinfoil Caucus of the Democratic Party, House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel voted for the impeachment resolution.

Maybe Democratic leaders should stop playing games and start cutting deals with the Republicans in order to get legislation passed.

Surber then includes the reasonably straightforward AP version of Kucinich's latest antics. Link here to follow the fun.

What's not funny, though, are the suffering residents of Cuyahoga County who could really use some help to get up off the economic barroom floor. Sadly, as long as they continue to elect and re-elect the same dreary parade of Democrat charlatans and hacks, just as they've been doing for the past half century or so, there'll be no help coming for them anytime soon. The best they've been getting are the choreographed sucker punches thrown at the Bushies by Congress' one and only Boy Blunder. I suppose it's entertaining when you have nothing better to do.

In all honesty, we wonder when Cleveland area voters are going to wake up and elect an adult to represent them in Congress as opposed to the aging, Marxist Peter Pan they keep sending back to Washington. What does it take, folks?

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Luther said...

Once again, oh great Wonk, you have missed the key point. The UFO sighted by Dennis was Hillary Clinton!