Monday, November 26, 2007


We've been quite impressed with the terrific missionary work being done up in our of our favorite (but currently godforsaken) states, Michigan, by the rightly named With all the left-wing anti-capitalist crappola we see about Michigan in the news these days—particularly on the foreclosure front—it's encouraging to note that there's at least one site in blogland that fully understands how the Democrats are doing their collective best to transform Michigan's fast-dwindling business and employment environment into a national economic black hole by taxing the beleaguered state's already unemployed and underemployed citizens to death. Sadly, Michiganders keep electing Democrats to statewide and national office anyway, which we simply can't understand, as we thought voters always voted in their own best interests. Maybe there's something in the water. Or maybe these voters share the same kind of deathwish that has dominated Cleveland and northern Ohio for the last 40 years at least. Anyhow, at least we now have to light the way to salvation.

We're adding this site to our Good Guys section, and hope that they'll get around to listing us at some point. Even though Wonk hails (originally) from Cleveland, while Luther yet dwells glumly in Hillary Land.

2 comments: said...

Thanks for the love!

It can get lonely for conservatives up here so it's been great to have a rallying point for those of us who haven't given up hope and gone quietly into that rough, unemployed night.


Wonker said...

Good to hear from you, dude, and sorry the response took so long. As a former Clevelander, whose original home district is now represented in Congress by Ohio's chief moonbat and perennial presidential candidate Dennis (The Menace) Kucinich, I feel your pain.

Hang in there!