Friday, November 02, 2007

No Bull on SCHIP For a Change

The government would be absolving people who have means of their responsibility to provide for their own children, while foisting that duty upon those who never asked for it. And there is nothing moral whatsoever in that...The left is attempting not only to co-opt the language of morality, but to do so with the up-is-down postmodern rhetoric that makes middle class people the "working poor" and calls coercive redistribution to them a "moral duty"....A Moral Case Against SCHIP Expansion, Max Borders,, 10/31/07

This a must-read for Republicans especially, a sharply argued defense of refusing to expand SCHIP.

Max Borders also blogs at

For those wringing their hands about a sudden diminution of ideas on the right, here's a good place for a refreshing dip in a lake of reason.


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