Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Real Clinton Scandal

Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has taken thousands of dollars in cash donations from Islamists under federal investigation for terror-financing, money laundering and tax fraud, WND has learned....Hillary takes cash from terror suspects, WorldNet Daily, 11/4/2007

Former NJ Governor McGreevey skillfully avoided being recalled or impeached by throwing himself as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of homosexual rights. LOOK AT THE VICTIM, the headlines cried. As they did, they conveniently ignored a remarkable level of corrupt practices in McGreevey's administration, practices perhaps ordinary in New Jersey, but which nonetheless would have put the now ex-Governor, current gay martyr Jim McGreevey, in prison. Watch this doesn't happen with Senator Clinton with rumors about her after-hours sport. Part of her campaign is being financed by large, surreptitious funneling of cash from the People's Republic of China, an assortment of freaks like those mentioned in WorldNet Daily, an array of enemies of the United States. Like her husband, she's willing to trade her country's future for power. That's a real scandal. Who cares about gossip regarding Huma?



Wonker said...


Scurrilous,frustrated, scandalmongering bloggers who, like Ken Starr, are forced to pursue the trivial due to the Cone of Silence the Clintonistas have always imposed on their extensive, largely underground House of Scandals! Anything to raise a flag or shine the light of truth on at least a portion of this ugly and ever-accumulating collective disaster.

But whatever it is, in the end, Clinton ops never allow more persuasive forensic proofs to see the light of day in the larger media. And they always seem to have more than adequate deniability arranged in advance. You'd have to admire the thoroughness with which this is routinely accomplished if it weren't for the fact that it's probably made our enemies demonstrably more dangerous in the process. Even the likes of Tony Soprano would have to be in awe at the intimidative effectiveness of this crowd.

As the publishing of the Venona Papers in the early 1990s finally provided hard proof of the spectacularly successful treason of American Communists and Communist sympathizers from the 1930s through the 1950s, so, too, will it be a long, long time before anyone is successfully able to penetrate the labyrinth of the Clintons' carefully layered and probably treasonous deceits. Including the now forever-missing documents, clearly damaging to the Clintons, that found their apparent final resting place in Sandy Berger's socks. No proof of what he stole or why. Or, more likely, for certain security reasons, no one will ever say. The cycle repeats itself endlessly in this crowd.

One sincerely hopes that, by the time the Clintonista Venona Papers are at last revealed, we'll still have a country left to sit slack-jawed whilst reading the horrendous truth.

Meanwhile, the MSM will studiously avoid covering any of this at all as it might cause frowns of disapproval from the Chi-com and Euro-leftist elites. Besides, if anything bad REALLY happened, it was certainly Bush's fault. As Dick Cheney's puppet of course, only Chimpy is evil enough to have masterminded a massive scheme that probably employs blackmailing a substantial number of illegal immigrant Chinese dishwashers in New York's (and probably San Francisco's) Chinatown to serve as conduits for millions in laundered Chi-com yuans headed chez Hillary.

Rest assured that truckloads of laundered pesos are also probably on their way to Hill's campaign coffers via similar shakedowns of Hispanic illegals in the American Southwest. (Have you ever wondered why the lefties are always trying to stop "the wall" from being completed?)

It's the story of a lifetime. A real epic. Could even be that Huma is a red herring in the larger picture, injecting a kind of Mata Hari sexual mystique to spice up the tale and deflect interest into juicier tabloid environs.

But any journo clever enough and lucky enough to expose this fetid swamp would be fired immediately after signing air-tight nondisclosure documents for his soon-to-be-former employer; in the process being blackballed by the trade and losing forever the chance for a longed-for Pulitzer or Nobel that could easily be won by blaming it all on Bush without the need for a single shred of evidence. Why give in to the dubious allure of telling the actual truth when this much is at stake?

It's days like this when you think about that great e.e. cummings line: "there's a hell of a good universe next door; lets go"

Wonker said...
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Anonymous said...

So forceful you posted it twice!

All true.

A mock epic.

Read "Lucky Bastard" by Charles McCarry. I'm not sure that it was ever intended as satire. Maybe it was just a plain true story, except for the happy ending in McCarry's book.


Wonker said...


Hey, we try to be forceful here, but I think the blogger software tricked me, so I deleted the double-post.

I assure you that the deleted post does NOT reside in Sandy Berger's socks. At least I THINK it doesn't!