Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Latest Hill and Huma Siting

Picked this rather humorous video up from Camille Paglia's latest commentary on Salon. (Wrongheaded commentary, of course, as is increasingly Paglia's wont, but certainly more erudite than most stuff you see coming in from left field.) Aside from the unintentionally hilarious and highly symbolic cascade of recalcitrant flags—an armada of "patriotic" Democrats obviously can't coax the banners into standing at attention in the presence of a closet Marxist—we get a live-action "glimpse of Hillary's top aide, the elegant Huma Abedin, wielding one of her formidable designer handbags," according to an approving Paglia, whose own romantic proclivities unabashedly tilt toward the distaff side of homo sapiens. Hmmm.

Without any help from the complicit MSM one way or another, we continue to try to track down the truth or falsehood of the Hillary + Huma rumah, but still no smoking gun. The Hillary camp's new and improved 21st Century Media Cone of Silence has clearly been perfected by the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

Speaking of Camille's latest pronouncements—sadly, she next stoops to praising extravagently the genuinely moronic California Senator Dianne Feinstein and the ultra-rich, ultra-Marxist Speaker of the House (and chronic botox-abuser) Nancy Pelosi. Camille can do better than this. Fortunately she does return to Planet Earth just in time to blast the legion of loonies who've successfully transformed seemingly all extant media into nauseating "green" machines, the better to propagandize the weird science of "global warming":
This facile attribution of climate change to human agency is an act of hubris. Good stewardship of the environment is an ethical imperative for every nation. But breast-beating hysteria merely betrays impious tunnel vision. Thousands of factors, minute and grand, are at work in cyclic climate change, whose long-term outcomes we cannot possibly predict. Nature should inspire us with awe, not pity.

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