Friday, November 02, 2007

Left & Global "Warming": Keeping the Poor "Safe" from Wealth

Capping international economic growth means preventing industrialization in the Global South. It means Indians and Congolese and Chinese and Nigerians and Indonesians and Brazilians and countless others will not have refrigeration, or air conditioning, or easily potable water, or cleans ways to heat their homes. For the Global South, freezing the global economy in a ephemeral attempt at affecting the climate means permanent poverty, with reduced life spans, continued plagues, unsanitary living and working conditions, and diminished opportunities for education, for Western-levels of medical care, and for convenient and safe transportation...But Western environmentalists and the Religious Left, preoccupied by their own political goals, and blinded by their own wealth, prefer not to admit these consequences for the world's poor. In the Religious Left' mythology, much of the world remains poor only because the exploitative West is rich....How Global Warming Activism Hurts the Poor, Mark D. Tooley, Front Page Magazine, 11/2/2007

As with environmentalist hysteria surrounding DDT, and its associated pseudo-scientific rhetoric (not to mention not-so-scientific intimidation and extortion), the pseudo-scientific hysteria surrounding global "warming" has had real consequences. Unfortunately in both cases, the consequences have been, and will be, devastating to the poor. It is estimated that more than 30,000,0000 poor people have died of a preventable disease (malaria) since the banning of DDT by the United Nations. Cutting off developing world industrialization might have an even more devastating effect. But, as is true with most "humane" programs of the left, humanity itself seems to be the primary target.

Read all of this fine Front Page article. And the next time you hear someone pitch a socialist program, duck. It may be aimed at your head.


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