Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Calling All Liberal Professors...

Enterprising economics professor Daniel Klein of George Mason University, located in the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC, is looking for some assistance compiling stats on the political orientation of the professoriat. If you want to lend a hand, check out details on the project here.

On the other hand, we're not sure whether the good professor is using his time wisely. Without any budget and without any effort, Wonker can assure any researcher that the percentage of professors who vote Democrat 100% of the time can be reliably estimated at 95% give or take a percentage point.

You don't need the proverbial degree in rocket science to understand that the tenured, largely socialist professoriat, has been hiring only birds of a Marxist feather for roughly 40 years now, even as they cynically hire adjunct wage-slaves to accomplish the actual work of teaching the undergraduate masses--i.e., filling the empty vessels with left-liberal slogans and knee-jerk responses. This is classic Gramscianism in action, completely undermining the skepticism and objectivity required to fairly staff a college faculty capable of honoring and preserving cultural, philosophical, and scientific traditions while forging a path to a non-ideological tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the only path the average faculty member blazes today is the well-worn and dead-end path to world socialism. We applaud Professor Klein's intention to document this phenomenon with appropriate academic rigor. But, as we've already mentioned, we're not quite sure that yet another study or survey "proving" the obvious and pernicious leftist bias on America's campuses is worth the time or the effort.

A better use of man-hours and money would be for state legislatures to place offending university departments in taxpayer supported state systems--particularly humanities departments--into academic receivership. Once this is accomplished, court-appointed receivers can be directed to enforce affirmative rules and regs to force ideological diversity on disciplines that today are little more than indoctrination camps dedicated not to teaching Thoreau but to deconstruct his prose to better illustrate the nirvana of a future socialist utopia.

Deep Throat urged Woodstein to "follow the money." That's good advice today in an entirely different context. Only when we begin to clean out corrupt educational, political, and nonprofit institutions that are scooping up huge, unregulated quantities of taxpayer monies to fund sedition and treason against the United States will we be able to reclaim at last our proud American heritage and traditions. Since the tenured left loves the notion of "accountability" in the business sector, we're sure they'll warmly welcome deploying it to shine the light of truth on their own intellectually corrupt departments.

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