Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Crossing Jordan

From Power Line, we learn that 3 heroic homicide bombers hit Jordanian hotels nearly simultaneously this evening, wiping out at least 67 innocent civilians, including the fathers of a bride and groom who had just been married and were celebrating at one of the hotels. The wounded groom lamented that this isn't Islam, but John Hinderaker is not so sure:
I understand his sentiment, but the fact is that this mass murder, like all the others committed by al Qaeda and like-minded groups, has everything to do with Islam. It is up to sane Muslims everywhere to reclaim their religion from the sadists and fanatics.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera, in a fairly straightforward story, says a car with Iraqi tags is being traced. Maybe Zarqawi stopped by to impress a few of his relatives. Disgusting.

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