Monday, November 28, 2005

Streisand's Favorite Ambulance Chaser

"Everybody needs a lawyer," the old US Attorney General said, as he took on Saddam Hussein as a client last week. Given the well-documented slaughters of the Hussein regime, of which the 140 victims he's now on trial for killing are but a miniscule portion of one percent, the dictator's new lawyer, Ramsey Clark, is giving new meaning to the phrase ambulance chaser. He's a perfect fit for the job. His decades-long, pathological pursuit of American crimes and misdemeanors, a hallmark of today's boutique Left, to whom any psychopath who hates America is a preferred client, mixed with the professional demeanor of a torts lawyer, yields an old fool foaming at the mouth as he rushes to Saddam's side crying victim! victim!. If you'd like to read more about this sorry bastard, see today's Washington Times. Former Secretary of State Kissinger and former National Security Advisory Zbigniew Brzezinski offered institutional rationalizations, but nobody should be fooled. People in institutions will say anything to get attention.


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