Monday, December 12, 2005

Earth to Sulzberger: Pinch Me...

The New York Daily News today dishes on growing criticism of doctrinaire leftist and rich NYTimes helmsman Pinch Sulzberger, citing a Ken Auletta piece in the current New Yorker. The Daily News cites, f'rexample, Pinch's delicious and decorous wit:
Among several examples was an editorial lunch with Secretary of State Condi Rice where Sulzberger kept alluding to the fact that a bomb-sniffing dog had thrown up on the carpet. "Thank you for sharing that," said Rice, as "some of the reporters present cringed."
LOL, and a hat tip for this week's funniest response to a straight line to the Secretary of State. Gotta love it.

More seriously, both the NY (and the LA Times for that matter) are fast becoming outside-the-Beltway, outside of Manhattan jokes. Any wonder why the right-minded portion of the blogosphere is fast becoming the place where you gather the actual news as opposed to the left-wing propaganda mill that the once great NYTimes has become?

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