Thursday, December 15, 2005


The hard leftists at have decided to gin up the usual simplistic petition/protest drive today targeting select Congressmen today and haranguing them to join the "Cut and Run" club. They're promoting their latest asinine gesture by declaring as a "known fact" (see HazZzMat: A Known Fact: ™ How Propaganda Works) that the vast majority of Americans are against the Iraq War, something thoroughly disproved even by normally biased MSM polling data. But then, the truth never deterred the Stalinists at MoveOn.

But the intrepid Citizen Smash posts a novel solution to help subvert today's phony media event. Click the link here to see how you can help. It's fun, it's easy, and above all, it's patriotic, which will surely infuriate MoveOn's Ministers of Propaganda.

Longer term, we wonder why some of the larger organizations on the right don't start mounting a campaign to remove MoveOn's 501(c)(4) nonprofit status. It's surely justified beyond a shadow of a doubt. As hired shills of the Democratic Party and hardened seditionists to boot, they've already violated, countless times, the terms under which they are allowed to operate as a nonprofit. It's high time patriotic Americans took a good look at how American tax loopholes are allowing subversive partisan hacks such as these to flourish with the unwitting support of millions of taxpayers who would be appalled if they knew how this was happening. Removing the extensive, free, taxpayer and foundation support that allows these creeps to thrive will go a long way toward restoring American cultural values at a time when the world is most in need of them.

Meanwhile, help out Citizen Smash and his friends.

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