Monday, December 12, 2005

Riotous Times in the Merry Old Land of Oz

Much has happened during our recent hiatus, including more slaughter by the benevolent Chinese government and now, what is starting to look like an instant replay, Aussie-style, of the recent French rioting by Islamist thugs. Looks like down-under fellow travelers of the French rioters went crazy yesterday, trashing cars and people in the vicinity of a Sydney beach. Well, apparently the Aussie lads didn't appreciate the gesture, and took some direct action themselves today.

All of which provides the ever-vigilent Wretchard of Belmont Club an opportunity to opine, drilling down on the moral equivalency bleatings of the politically correct who probably figure this is all Australia's (or America's) fault:

I get a little emotional sometimes watching these peacenik types defend blatant murderers because by frustrating justice they are building up tectonic pressures that will go snap one day, and it won't be their necks at the end of a rope. What the world needs isn't the fake sympathy of the Euro-human rights crowd but justice. They should remember that in the absence of justice there is only revenge.
Wretchard gets the point here--if governments don't start defending their own people against the predations of religious thugs in their midst, the people themselves will do it. Neither Aussie nor American lefties in the intelligentsia have a clue about this. They will.

UPDATE: Apparently, the sequence of events above has been a bit more complicated than described in this post. More recent news sources blame the initial riots on native Aussies reacting to a story or rumor (which we can't yet verify) that Lebanese thugs had attacked some Aussie lifeguards. The overriding tension, in turn, seems to have stemmed from an actual gang rape of Aussie women by Lebanese criminals who chanted racial epithets while committing the crime. (More here.) The upshot, whatever the true sequence of events, is the exposure once again of more unassimilated and impoverished Middle Eastern immigrants in yet another western country.

The West, whether the US, Canada, Australia, or what is fast turning into Eurabia, is going to have to decide, and soon, whether they intend to fully incorporate immigrants from all locales into their own societies or allow them to remain a largely-ignored, dissatisfied, and potentially murderous band of outsiders who will easily become, upon the least provocation, an attacking proletariat with fascist tendencies. It is ironic that we are seeing most of this in countries that pride themselves on their left-liberal endorsement of socialism while at the same time condescending to those who are truly outside. Those on the left actually remain imperialists in their own hearts, in spite of their pious liberal bleatings. They prefer for the disadvantaged to stay disadvantaged, so that they can be "helped" by the left, which will then be rewarded for its giveaways at the ballot box.

But what if these new postcolonial colonials catch on to the game?

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