Thursday, December 01, 2005

Small Victories Against the Left

An interesting short post today from Wretchard at the invaluable Belmont Club.
BTW, according to Michelle Malkin, quoting AP, the Flight 93 Crescent of Embrace memorial is history. The interesting thing about this episode is how illustrates that that leftist meme machine isn't irresistible. It has its limits. Once the inappropriateness of the design had been pointed out, whether the result of an unintentional oversight or not, it ran into opposition. Resistance is not futile.
Wretchard has it exactly right, and his comments accurately describe one of the primary things we're trying to do on this website—expose the manipulation of language, religion, culture, and the arts by the hard left in their attempt to eviscerate American society. We intend to take America back. Wretchard points out that we are not alone and that we all can win if we stick to it and stick it to them.

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