Thursday, December 01, 2005

Following a Different Shepherd

From the way MSM cover the "news," one could easily get the impression, if one looked only to such dinosaurs for truth and consequences, that a vast, unified front of Democrats is rising, like a tsunami, to wash away the Republicans and the Bush Administration. One suggestion that this might not be so was the 404-3 vote in Congress against setting a "withdrawal" deadline (Ann Coulter would describe it better as a "surrender deadline"). That struck this observer as being akin to hearing a Weather channel reporter go on for twenty minutes about global warming causing another terrible storm-- coming to your city in the next hour!-- then going outside and finding the sun out in a cloudless sky. Over at, they have a similar curiosity. Incidentally, the credo of Dinocrat is "Dedicated to DINOs, from one who realized that 33 years as a Democrat was enough."

What is going on? First there was the 1000th death in Iraq, then the 2000th. Now this. What is with all the multiple-of-1000 death stories? Is the connection that the US under the GOP is so cruel and heartless that it kills mercilessly our soldiers and the pitiful on death row? ...We note for the record that 14,121 people were murdered in 2004 in the United States, so the MSM could run a 1000th, 2000th, etc., story more than once a month on murder victims....

The "opposite" side of the aisle may have fewer people in it that we thought. Dinocrat is curious about something else too. Not only does MSM seem to be reporting news from another planet, and most certainly from another era (is it always 1974 in MSM?), but the intellectual elite seems to have lost its senses.

It is interesting, for example, that leftist intellectuals give a pass to, or overtly admire, authentic men of violence like Castro or Arafat or Stalin, but vilify the good guys who are their enemies...Maybe it comes down to power, with the wimpy intellectuals jealous and fearful of powerful and straightforward men. Maybe it has a religious element, with the vanity of the intellectuals a graven image they have made to themselves in a Marxist, materialistic universe. Maybe it is because because they stop too soon in their inquiries — having replaced the ten commandments with ten questions, they fail to engage the serious moral issue of how should one live one’s life....(from The Ruined Dictatorship of the Intellectuals", 11/22/05)

We get so much preaching to the converted, even among bloggers, that hearing the shout of a voice presumed lost is thrilling. It suggests that beyond the howling and gnashing of teeth in MSM that more than a few right wing bloggers think that the elites who claim to speak for us have lost their way. Perhaps if MSM would stop behaving like sheep following a mad shepherd, they could, as new DINOcrats, find their way home.


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