Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Technical Difficulties

We've changed our template on Blogger, partially because we needed more real estate than our previous, nifty, faux-literary template provided, but also because, for some reason, its alignment got screwed up and Wonker couldn't quite figure out how to code in the fix. Rather than spend endless time on it, the switch is made, and so there it is.

All links should now be restored, and we'll be back shortly blogging on the Technical Difficulties both the Democrats and certain libertarian, "moderate," or clueless Republicans have in understanding the President's lawful need to tweak a civil liberty here and there to prevent our terrorista friends from shape-shifting in an instant. Everyone is no doubt convinced that Lincoln and FDR would never have done such a thing in wartime, which shows the sorry state to which education in American History has fallen due to the PC police and the ACLU.

We'll rant on this a bit later as time permits.

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