Thursday, February 09, 2006

Al Qaeda in Laredo?

Check this out:
Improvised explosive devices, the home made bombs which have killed and maimed so many U.S. troops in Iraq, were among the items seized in three raids in the Texas border city of Laredo, federal officials said today.
Have we got an Al Qaeda problem in Laredo, Texas? Well, not that we know of actually, though it made for a swell headline. Fact is, these are terrorists all right: narco terrorists. Looks like they're picking up a few tips from our murderous friends in the Middle East. Texas cops are assuming the weapons are intended for use in Mexico. But their presence here is disconcerting and bears watching. Read more here.

Our main battle right now is against the Islamofascists. But this is, after all, a world war, and there are other forms of terrorism, too, other fronts against the various faces of fascism. (And terrorists all like to help each other, as we saw in Northern Ireland.)

Wonker worries sometimes that the U.S., intent on prevailing in the Middle East, is not paying enough attention to the narco-Marxist axis that is developing south of our own borders. Led and funded by the usual suspects, Cuba's Castro, Venezuela's Chavez, and the Colombian narco-terrorists, and recently joined by the new Bolivian government which is dedicated to becoming the world leader in raw cocaine, this growing menace needs to be put back on the radar screen, big time. These people are supremely violent. They exert control over Hispanic inner city youth gangs in the U.S. And the bulk of their profits comes from the U.S.

A major way to get an armlock on terrorism is to cut off the terrorists' funding. We've had some success with this in the Middle East. But we seem to be sending money to the narco terrorists faster than they can spend it. Who's sending it to them? Inner city drug addicts and criminals and jaded, empty headed affluent young people with more money than sense. They're wrecking their lives and the lives of others.

This is assymetrical warfare at its most intricate. And no one has a clue what to do.

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