Saturday, February 04, 2006

More Saturday Morning Cartoons

You try to take some time off and look what happens. As best we are able to determine, this photo comes from an anti-Danish-Cartoonist protest in the UK:

Off with their heads!! Sorta sounds like the Red Queen, doesn't it. Except that we're dealing with real murderers here, not a pack of playing cards.

Pix obtained from Instapundit, which hopefully cites a moderate and sensible Muslim point of view on this continuing controversy:

The Danish press has also paid very little attention to the representatives of a group of 80 immigrants who have expressed their support of Jyllands-Posten. A statement by the group placed on the internet carries the caption "We must condemn Islamist threats against free speech." It goes on to accuse the Islamists of "viewing any criticism or any making fun of the Islamic religion as an affront and an insult to Muslims. In this way they want to prevent any human being from questioning the Islamic religion and its holy book and the prophet Muhammad. ... With the same argument Islamic regimes and other forces in the Middle Eastern and Arabic countries have killed thousands of people and issued fatwas against authors, journalists and artists."

Exactly right. Where have these people been? (Ignored by the Danish press we guess.) We were hoping they were out there somewhere. Problem is, Muslims like this are probably as terrified of the Islamofascist thugs as everyone else is, including the Danish cartoonists, who are allegedly going into hiding as of this writing. So much for free speech and attempts to appease these murderous thugs. People seem to realize that when the goon squads threaten you with death they really mean it. (Unlike when the U.N. threatens Iran with reprisals.)

Instapundit also charts the Boston Globe's cowardly response to this incident, and alludes to their overwhelming support for "Piss Christ" over a decade ago. Read the whole thing here.

As Emerson once wrote, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." We were never totally sure what that delightful observation meant, even in context, but somehow it seems like a good idea to bring it back here at this point if only to ask the editors of the Globe how they would interpret it.


Muslim said...

As Muslims we are required to respect all religions, be it people who are Christians, Jewish, Hindu

So i’m really surprised at the pictures published in the newspaper, and also of their false nature. Maybe people should read about Prophet Muhummmad peace be upon him, and realise that he was a mercy to all mankind.

Attacking the prophet peace be upon him by drawing such pictures is attacking Muslims directly.

We dont draw pictures of other prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, infact we respect them, and would never think to do such drawings.

Wonker said...

Thanks for your comments, muslim, and we appreciate and respect your moderate point of view.