Thursday, February 02, 2006

Treason at the New York Times, Chapter 2...

We've gotta run (well, drive) across the Potomac in a minute or two to attend an event in Sin City. But we thought we'd leave you with two exellent links to Power Line that provide more links and more info to the unfolding story, studiously avoided in the MSM, regarding the complicity by the New York Times and "government officials" to commit treason in order to damage the Bush administration and the ongoing War on Terror, aka WWIII (or IV). Here's Porter Goss, head honcho of the CIA, on the leakage:

"The damage has been very severe to our capabilities to carry out our mission," Goss told the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said a federal grand jury should be empaneled to determine "who is leaking this information."

"I use the words `very severe' intentionally. And I think the evidence will show that," Goss said. He said not only have these revelations made it harder for the CIA to gather information, but they have made intelligence agencies in other countries mistrustful of their U.S. counterparts.

"I'm stunned to the quick when I get questions from my professional counterparts saying, `Mr. Goss, can't you Americans keep a secret?'" he said.

Goss cited a "disruption to our plans, things that we have under way." Some CIA sources and "assets" had been rendered "no longer viable or usable, or less effective by a large degree," he said.
Read it all here and here.

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