Friday, February 03, 2006

More Fun With Cartoongate

Just when you thought things were getting too hot in the censorship department, you link to a news story about the Euro-Islamic cartoon flap with peace-loving quotes like these:
'We will not accept less than severing the heads of those responsible,' one preacher told worshippers at the al-Omari Mosque in the Gaza Strip as tensions spread over the publication of the cartoons, first in Denmark and later in Norway, France, Germany and Spain.

'We will not be satisfied with protests. The solution is the slaughter of those who harmed Islam and the Prophet,' said Sheikh Abu Sharif, spokesman for the militant Osbet al-Ansar group, at a rally in Lebanon's largest camp, the southern Ein al-Hilweh.

At a rally organized by the Islamic militant group Hamas, which won Palestinian parliamentary elections last week, as many as 50,000 protesters called for the cartoonists to be punished. 'Let the hands that drew (the cartoons) be severed,' they chanted.
So much for the Oslo "peace process." (And what the hell is a "peace process" anyway?) Lucky for Tom Toles that he only dissed Rummy and the U.S. Military.

There's lots more here.

One has to chuckle (ruefully) at all the left wing-nuts who bleat about the "fascist" Christian fundamentalists in this country who want to suppress free speech, declaring the Christers to be a far greater threat to their liberties than Islam. Wonker has always been a big fan of freedom of religion, one of the things that has made the U.S. great. But when you read stuff like this, tally the daily Baghdad homicide bomb tolls, view the hostage and beheading videos, and listen to Bin Laden's and Zawahiri's latest rants, you really have to wonder just what became of this "religion of peace" that everyone is always telling us about. Is there something we're missing here?

UPDATE: From Laurence Simon via SISU:
I think the Danish ambassador should issue an apology. In the largest Christian church in Saudi Arabia.

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