Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sheehan and Woolsey: Moonbat Dream Team

From an excellent analysis of President Bush's State of the Union speech on Power Line:
The Democrats tried to distract from the substance of President Bush's speech by planting Cindy Sheehan in the House chamber tonight--she was reportedly the guest of a Democrat Congresswoman--but Justice Samuel Alito's presence in the chamber was much more significant. Plus, he lasted longer, as Sheehan was hauled out of the chamber when she tried to unfurl a banner. She is clinging tenaciously to her fifteen minutes.

The Congresswoman, BTW, was confirmed to be California moonbat, Rep. Lynn Woolsey.

More from
Lynn Woolsey is a Democratic Member of Congress who represents the Sixth District of California, wealthy hot tub haven Marin County north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and the nearby brie-and-chablis vineyards of Sonoma County. This is the limousine liberal district that produced the "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh.
It gets worse.

The only thing more reprehensible than showboating leftists like Woolsey are the faux liberals who vote for them. Childish, but dangerous.

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