Monday, August 20, 2007

Hon. Robert Filner: WHAT Political Party?

Anytime a Republican pol gets caught with his hands in the cookie jar (or under a young lady's skirt), the media instantly trots him and his political affiliation right in front of the cameras. The pundits denounce him as a rogue. The Democrats wring their hands and weep crocodile tears again and again as they decry that other party as the "party of corruption." And after a decent interval of a few hours, the kangaroo chorus demands the miscreant resign from whatever office he holds.

Of course, that doesn't work the other way 'round. Representative William Jefferson of Louisiana, of course, still retains his office and his perks notwithstanding that the Feds found lots of frozen lucre in his freezer. Dems, after all, are innocent until proven guilty. Republicans, however, don't get due process. They're guilty until otherwise proven innocent.

What's really interesting, however, is the media's fairly recent habit of simply eliminating party affiliation in an expose that highlights the evildoings of a Democrat miscreant. Take this ABC news clip:
ABC 7 has learned the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority have charged Representative Robert Filner of California with assault and battery following an incident at Dulles International Airport Sunday night.
Hah! Must be a Republican, right? Bzzzzt! Wrong again. But you wouldn't learn it from DC news channel and ABC affiliate WJLA, from whose website we pulled this clip.

Took a little more sleuthing to dig up what we already suspected. Here's an important fact from the online Post-Chronicle which updates the story just an eensy bit:
Democratic Congressman Robert Filner has been charged with class 1 misdemeanor of assault and battery on [a] United Airline employee.
The story then follows with the paragraph cited above.

Watch for this kind of thing. It happens again and again in the MSM. A Republican bad guy carries along his party affiliation in every story. However, if such a story lacks the citation of a party affiliation, dimes to donuts the villain is a Democrat.

Just another way that journalists in the MSM, the left's propaganda army, subtly steers public opinion while claiming to report the truth. In reality, the MSM only reports those portions of the truth that follow the Party Line.

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