Friday, August 31, 2007

McCain-Feingold: Quote of the Day

Let us not put too fine a point on it. These kinds of speech regulations are straight out of Orwell. They belong in communistic tyrannies. The abuse of these laws by the Federal Election Commission begs for attention from the Supreme Court or from the Congress. Everyone could be saved a lot of trouble, and our politics could be conducted more honestly, our democracy enriched and enlivened, if we had only one campaign-speech regulation, the one given to us from the Founders, who began it with the immortal words: Congress shall make no law....Calling the Founders, Editorial, The NY Sun, 8/31/2007

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has started to put to rout this foolish law, a naked attempt by politicians to restrict free discussion of both good and bad ideas. But FEC hasn't quite gotten the message yet. They still have not recreated rules in light of the recent Supreme Court decision striking down a substantial part of McCain-Feingold.


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