Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oklahoma's Auditor and Inspector: McMahan Without a Party

More anonymous political skulduggery reported this morning, this time in Oklahoma, via that always-reliable Marxist news outlet, the AP:
OKLAHOMA CITY -- FBI agents seized campaign records after a search of state Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan's Tecumseh home and later confiscated jewelry from his sister-in-law's home, according to a published report.

At least one piece of jewelry agents seized was purchased by Steve Phipps, who has admitted to paying kickbacks to three state legislators, The Oklahoman reported Tuesday in a copyright story.
The story goes on to provide plenty of juicy details. But never a hint as to McMahan's political affiliation. No hints, either, as to the affiliation of any of the other pols cited in this piece (which ran in the online Tulsa World), like Representative Dan Boren and Governor Brad Henry. Any guesses?

HazZzMat, via an exclusive insider tip, can now report that that—SURPRISE!—McMahan is a Democrat. If he'd have been a Republican, like Idaho's hapless Senator Larry Craig, you'd have already learned his affiliation from the headline or the lede. As always, his fellow Republicans are attacking him as fast as the Dems can point fingers, as you'll learn here. (Free subscription may be required to link.)

As to McMahan:
A spokeswoman for McMahan says McMahan has no plans to step aside.
Of course not. He's a Democrat. Neither does fellow Democrat and Hundred Thousand Dollar Congressman William Jefferson. Stepping aside is only for alleged miscreants dragging their knuckles as denizens of the Stupid Party.

Don't believe that Repub scandals are treated differently by the Lamestream Media? Check out our previous bloggery on the topic here and here.

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