Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PC For Republicans

I've been away for a while, but evidently my fellow Wonker doesn't know the rules:

A) If you're a Democrat and get involved in a sex scandal, then you're a hero fighting for the rights of minorities (adulterers; gays; etc.)
B) If you're a Republican and get involved in a sex scandal, then you're an agent of Satan and can be described with words held socially irresponsible in these days of progressive reform.

Note that B) essentially allows the expression of old-fashioned prejudice. So, as long as the politician involved is a Republican, or a Democrat held as a traitor by the DNC, it's okay to scream "faggot" in a crowded theater. If the politician is an officially approved Democrat, such words and phrases are evidence to be used in a civil rights case.

If there were a rule C) it might be as follows:

C) Sanctimonious hypocrisy is the mark of the modern liberal Democrat (or liberal Republican)

Hope that clarifies things.

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Wonker said...


Welcome back, dude.

I stand corrected. I feel like such an eejit.