Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chrysler & GM: Americans To Pay For Cars They Don’t Want

GM's new proposal, clearly produced under government duress, is worse than virtually any of the alternatives. It would give GM to the UAW and the U.S. government and make taxpayers pick up the bills. Of course, billions more from government would be drawn down right away. But the UAW could also depend on the Obama administration to keep up the subsidy for years and years to come. Government and Union co-ownership: It would be as ineffective as it is un-American…GM: From Bad to Worse, Mitt Romney, National Review, 4/29/09

As Gov. Romney makes vividly clear in an article you should memorize, what the Obama/GM plan means is that, if you don’t like GM cars, you will still have to pay for them. If you do like GM cars, you will have to pay twice. Why?

Chrysler and GM are part of the Obama Administration's jobs program. You should no longer consider them car companies. The car industry is now largely Japanese, European, Chinese, and Indian. Why?

The management at Chrysler and GM that should have been canned years ago for trashing two great American corporations, that's why. Who else gave away the farm to the UAW? Who else turned out cars that Americans didn't like as well they did the offerings of Honda, Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, and Nissan? Unfortunately, as with Obama's stimulus and mortgage bailout programs, in corporations it isn't success that matters, but that you belong to the right team.


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