Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DC Vouchers: Protecting Sasha and Malia from Poor Children

President Obama has a lot on his mind, but at least his children, Sasha and Malia, are doing well at their new private school, Sidwell Friends. Unfortunately if congressional Democrats get their way the Obama girls will soon lose their low income classmates….Congressional Democrats' War on Science, Robert Moranto, Frontpagemag.com, 4/14/09

We must have become a department in France. In France, hypocrisy is a way of life in politics. One supposes it was inevitable that this would happen here, especially with an administration whose preparation for office was in the clubby atmosphere of academia and of money center banks. In France, not surprisingly, academia and banks are the heart and soul of the Communist Party. There’s a slight contradiction in that, of course, as academics and bankers in France, as here, are a minority much favored by the state. The protections and subsidies they get from Paris are in direct contradiction to their politics.

Oh, incidentally, the science Moranto refers to is a statistical study that shows students in charter schools in the District of Columbia do very, very well, reading well above grade level for instance. Can’t have that – it might suggest that le bourgeoisie has some good ideas.

If findings of this magnitude applied to adults in cancer treatments, policy-makers who valued science would never cancel the treatment; rather they would immediately apply it to the control group, in order to save lives. But for disadvantaged children, scientific findings just don't matter…(Congressional Democrats…cont’d)

This is hardly unique in Democrat politics. As referenced below, fantasists who refuse to listen to scientific data, as opposed to politically scientific data, want to blow trillions to cure global warming. Hey, at least they’re consistent.


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