Thursday, April 30, 2009

Note to Democrats: Gov. Faubus (Democrat) and Gov. Wallace (Democrat) Are Dead

Today, in Washington, Justice Department lawyers will tell the Supreme Court that the South is still so permeated with racism that it cannot be trusted to run its elections without prior approval — from Justice Department lawyers. On those dubious grounds, they will urge the Court to uphold Section 5 of the LBJ-era Voting Rights Act — a “temporary/emergency” provision that is now 44 years old…SCOTUS Showdown: The Voting Rights Act, Hans A. von Spakovsky, National Review, 4/29/09

This case, now being argued before the court (please read Spakovsky’s fine article at the link), is a paradigm of the modern Democrat party. All of the civil rights fights that culminated after fifty years in the 1960s and 1970s with judicial rulings and legislation were won. We’ve had nearly forty years, almost two generations, of progress. There are Senators, Governors, US Representatives, US Senators, the President of the United States, and thousands of state and local legislators, and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of federal, state and local bureaucrats whose background would have excluded them from election or appointment in 1965. Anyone who works in a private business or at a public agency knows that this is not your Daddy’s world. Black, hispanic, Asian, female, all varieties of gender are not only represented, but are in power.

Now, as Dr. King hoped, we are truly in an age where what matters is the content of character and the experience, qualifications and will to serve in one position or another. Yet, before the Supreme Court, a Democrat administration is arguing that we have to keep the old temporary intrusions in place on elections, that we have to assume that nothing has really changed, that white people are still out there throwing rocks and waving baseball bats. This is not surprising. Why?

A whole lot of people have taken careers in what might be described as “oppression politics.” Lawyers, Senators, Congressional representatives, appointed officials, bureaucrats have built their professional lives on assumptions that don’t obtain any longer. What to do?

Shriek, holler, shout false accusations, roar! Americans, with notoriously short memories, will probably think they’ve suddenly gone back in time.

Wake up.


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