Monday, April 27, 2009

The EU Tea Party's Been On For Years

More and more Western Europeans, recognizing the threat to their safety and way of life, have turned their backs on the establishment, which has done little or nothing to address these problems, and begun voting for parties—some relatively new, and all considered right-wing—that have dared to speak up about them. One measure of the dimensions of this shift: owing to the rise in gay-bashings by Muslim youths, Dutch gays—who ten years ago constituted a reliable left-wing voting bloc—now support conservative parties by a nearly two-to-one margin…Europe’s Right Turn, Bruce Bawer, City Journal, 4/27/2009

It happened in Denmark eight years ago, and is sweeping across Europe. Bawer, a sharp commentator, whose brutally hostile views on faith profoundly contradict those held by writers on this site, is nonetheless one of the best reporters on the destruction of Europe’s social contract by the arrival of the pathology of radical Islam. You should read the whole, incisive article. This catastrophe, motivated by Leftist, multicultural ideology and its primary offshoot, massive immigration, is coming here. Want to find out what it’s going to be like? Read Bawer’s piece at the link.


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